Introducing IEEP

Developing Leaders in Entrepreneurial Education and Learning:

Colleagues who have participated in IEEP form a network of over 100 educators from 72 institutions continue to develop their capacity to support their 800,000+ students and improve the entrepreneurial education environment.

Led by NCEE, the programme brings together leading experts in the field and provides a focused way of sharing best practice in this emerging cross disciplinary area.

Who is this Programme for?

The International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme is specifically designed to support, inform and enable individuals tasked with promoting, facilitating and leading enterprise education in their organisations – enterprise educators – who create entrepreneurial outcomes for others.

You may work in higher or further education teaching enterprise; or be seeking ways of awakening entrepreneurship in students and staff engaged in your subject area; or supporting others to develop enterprise and entrepreneurship skills in other organisations.

What can it do for me?

This course will build your knowledge and skills in applying wide-ranging approaches and tools to becoming an effective entrepreneurship educator; deepen your understanding of the venture creation and management process; demonstrate your entrepreneurial leadership capacities within an educational context; and make you better able to exploit your potential as a future leader in the field of entrepreneurship education.

How will my institution or organisation benefit?

The IEEP will help you play a strategic and practical role in enabling your institution or organisation to become an entrepreneurial university or college, unlocking the potential of its staff, students and graduates. Your knowledge will also help your colleagues to connect more meaningfully with key stakeholders.

How do I know I’ll have access to the latest thinking?

NCEE works closely with Government departments, universities and business as well as national partner institutions and entrepreneurship experts throughout the world. Enterprise Educators UK is a vibrant collaborative network of over 90 UK HEIs which forms a strong expert community and a valuable forum for exchanging and developing knowledge and good practice. These partners bring together a wealth of expertise, ‘live’ experience and close connections with policy-makers. Specialist guest speakers further enrich the Programme.

What impact has IEEP had on its participants?

“I think it gives you a degree of academic credibility that might not otherwise be evident.”

“… When I started out . . . I was lacking confidence in this area and this field. And by the end of it, I felt a lot more confident and a lot more confident going talking to people about what I do and the relevance of it.”

“It’s broadened my knowledge, my experience and my skills.”

“IEEP has given me the best possible preparation for delivering entrepreneurship education in my field. I have learnt new pedagogies, reviewed my teaching practices and curriculum design, and built exciting new contacts with key stakeholders and policy-makers”.

On a personal level it has enhanced my career progression and on an institutional level I am now part of a vibrant entrepreneurial culture at [my] university. As a result of my involvement in the IEEP I now have much more of a global view of entrepreneurship education. Since completing the course I am much more flexible in the way I approach the teaching of entrepreneurship and use a wider range of pedagogies.  My sessions are much more interactive and involve much higher levels of discussion than prior to the course, primarily because I am now much more confident in my knowledge and experience. Through the course I learned a great deal about my own learning style”.

Impact on the FEI 
“Since completing the course I have been able to pass on a range of best practice, ideas and pedagogies illustrating where they are appropriate to encourage other tutors.  When tutors understand how they can use them in the context of their curriculum area they can become more entrepreneurial in their teaching.  Gradually the culture of the institution is becoming more entrepreneurial”.

Cohort 5 Module Dates

Module 1 – 15 to 16 January 2015
Module 2 – 26 to 27 March 2015
Module 3 – 25 to 26 June 2015
Module 4 – 22 to 23 October 2015
Module 5 – 10 to 11 December 2015
Module 6 – 18 to 19 February 2016


Full Programme: £4,000

Associate Programme: £2,500

For further information on IEEP please click here or contact Alistair Paterson at or 02476 158128